Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10

The Superfans spent their childhoods watching the Protectors Saturday morning cartoons, playing with their Protectors action figures and reading the Protectors comic books, all while eating the Protectors-brand breakfast cereal. Each one became infatuated of a particular Crusader, believing them to be the best of the bunch. Now, as adults, they have continued to follow the careers of the heroes, but have become very upset that their favorite seems to have retired from the business. Meeting in a chatroom, they have decided that the only way to bring their favorite out of retirement is to give them a nemisis to fight. Having seen the strange relationships between the Crusaders and their foes, they have decided that the best way they can help their heroes reach their full potential is to become those foes. With Whitehall using her family's fortune to buy tools from CREST, they have set out to bring their heroes back into the limelight, whether they like it or not.

Active Members
White Lily
Aunt Agonist
Perro Blanco

Unwanted Associates

Retired Members
The Rook
Mr. Average

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Last updated on 24 March 2024