The Death Mistress

Created by Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 11 (10-12)

Back before super-powered people in capes and tights saved the world, several individual adventurers worked in the San Francisco area. They too had their arch nemesises, one of which was the Ghost Empress who was able to control the actions of the dead. She was eventually killed by Blue Falcon and Tiger, but has recently risen from the grave to seek vengeance on their decendants. When that plan was foiled, she began working with the local Triad in trying to take over the San Francisco underworld. After Ghost Empress was defeated, her grand-niece assumed the leadership role and took the paranormal entourage on the road.

Active Members
Death Mistress
The Headless Cyclist
Ghost Gadget
White Widow
Black Spectre
Blaze Jiang Shi
Moore Jiang Shi
Shan Shan Jiang Shi
Jiang Shi
Masked Corpses

Inactive Members
Kong Hotep

(Re)Deceased Members
Blue Falcon Jiang Shi
Tiger Jiang Shi
The Ghost Empress
Shan Shan Spirit
The ghost of Missile Man

© Copyright 2012, 2022 - Neil R. Lindgren

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Last updated on 3 June 2021