Generation M

Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10

After the defeat of the New Outcasts at the hands of The Hawk, Monolith was able to cut a deal in exchange for rolling over on his mother, Potion. In exchange for his testimony, he was placed into a foster home, which he promptly left two weeks later.

Gathering together other juvenile supers, Monolith and his friends believe that they are far superior to any adult they may encounter and are above the rules placed on society. Besides, they're teenagers; they know everything. They know that they are the next generation of super villains and are dedicated to not making the same mistakes as their predecessors. They also believe that, by being underage, they cannot be prosecuted as adults, and therefore are free to do whatever they choose. After all, what's the worst the courts can do to them? Send them to Juvie?

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Former Members
Fallen Star

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Last updated on 4 July 2023