Soldiers of Fortune

Created by Jim Caswell and Doug Zeitlin
Team PL: 11

After having their connections to the United States Government severed, Gale Force and Dawn Hall (a.k.a. Platoon) didn’t know what direction to take. Having narrowly avoided arrest for their actions, they decided that taking the normal route of master criminals wasn’t the best way to go. Instead, they discovered the wonderful world of mercenary work and bounty hunting. While Gale set about getting the paperwork and licenses taken care of, Fawn set out to recruit operatives with "the right type of attitude." The first to sign up were operatives from the war in the Middle East, Rampart and Black Blizzard. Working on a theme, she also tracked down such military miscreants as Black Arrow, Eliminator and Magnetron. To round out the mixture, Fawn went out and searched the four corners to find the two missing members of the England group Vigil: A.N.T. and Reaver. The vicious reputation of that group proceeded them and warranted the trips to Turkey and Afghanistan to recruit them. With the group brought together, they began to live their life-long dream; to beat up, maim and destroy the lives of people, and get paid for it. A couple of years later, after the group almost lost Black Arrow as a member, the group expanded by incorporating the competing merc group A.R.M.O.R.

Active Members
Gale Force
Black Blizzard
Foul-Weather Jack, the Fog
Lightning Bug I
Red Fever
Deceased Members
Black Arrow

Dismissed Members

© Copyright 2000, 2023 - James E. Caswell, Douglas S. Zeitlin

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Last updated on 4 July 2023