Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11 (9-11)

After the collapse of the United Nation's organized Earthforce, an influx of a harder, darker heroes emerged in London. This group, drawn together by their love for violence, delivered eye-for-eye justice to the street punks and criminals who began their surge in the absence of any organized hero base. The "heroes" consisted of the feminist inventor A.N.T. (Armoured Nut Thrasher), the super-soldier Reaver with his razor-sharp shield, the strong man who was able to desolidify into London Fog and Crusader. Only Crusader showed mercy towards the group's foes, trying his best to uphold the heroic spirit amongst the bloodlust around him.

The group operated at this rate for six months before they drew attention to their activities by publicly executing a rapist on Big Ben, strapping his arms and legs to the arms of the clock and watching as time ripped him apart. It was this final straw that made Crusader walk way from the group; which ended up to his benefit as Valiant arrived on the scene. Having reached his limit with this group of vigilantes, Valiant banished them one by one from his sight, teleporting them to separate areas of the globe. It was then that he made his declaration of justice and called upon the Pendragons. Eventually, all three (not including Crusader) would find themselves in the United States, working for the Soldiers of Fortune.

Former Members
Foul-Weather Jack, the Fog

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