League Of Super Enemy Replacements

Created by Ken Hallaron
Team PL: 10

The League of Super Enemy Replacements or "L.O.S.E.R.s" is the nickname that Riptide coined for a pair of super-villains. At one point when both Nicholas Jones and Damien Newton were imprisoned for their various crimes, criminal lovers Lester Hatch and Herb Benedict managed to steal the Devilfish and Hydronaut equipment out of the Miami-Dade evidence impound. They took it upon themselves to become the new Hydronaut and Devilfish, obviously without the blessing of the originals. Ignoring that the battlesuits were designed for water use, the pair decided to commit their first crime in their new roles in Denver. They figured that even at 50-75% effectiveness, the suits would give them an edge. They were creamed by the Crusaders. Since that time, they have clashed with Riptide and other heroes. Riptide himself has started a pool as to when these two will end up dead at the hands of the original Hydronaut and Devilfish.

It was later discovered that copies of the armor, along with copies of Cyber Knight's Euroforce armor, were being sold by a Dark Web broker named Mr. Q. Crusader Force learned about it when they encountered two sets of new people in the armor and stopped not only them, but shut down Mr. Q's business and cancelled all of the outstanding orders. It didn't stop one set from being devivered, but they were soon found killed in the streets. The two captured ones were also shanked in prison. It appeared as though, in this case, Hydronaut had friends in low places that were willing to do dirty work for him.

Deceased Members

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Last updated on 4 July 2023