The Parahuman Society of Canada

NAME : Dr. Stephen Dougherty, PhD IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada POWER LEVEL : 10 PLAYER :
NPC, was John "Baker" Belding

Abilities Cost: 50

Lifting STR 1 100 lbs. Leaping LVL 3 60 ft. Running SPD 5 60 MPH Flight SPD 8 500 mph Impervious ignores up to 3

Defense Cost: 23

Unarmed +4 Close, Damage 1 Molecular Blades +10 Close, Damage 5 Force Bolt +12 Ranged, Damage 7 Force Blast -- Burst, Damage 8 Molecular Dispersal -- Burst, Affliction 8 Tractor Beam +8 Ranged, Move Object 8


Beginner's Luck Benefit (Wealth 1, Athletics uses Agility) Eidetic Memory

Equipment 3 Improved Initiative Improvised Tools

Inventor Skill Mastery (Technology) Uncanny Dodge
Advantages Cost: 12

Acrobatics -- 2 -- Athletics 2 2 -- Close Combat 4 4 -- Gadgets 10 4 6 Deception 0 0 -- Expertise
Science 20 10 10 Insight 8 4 4 Intimidation 0 0 -- Investigation 17 10 7

Perception 9 4 5 Persuasion 0 0 -- Ranged Combat 2 2 -- Gadgets 8 2 6 Sleight of Hand -- 2 -- Stealth 2 2 -- Technology 20 10 10 Treatment -- 10 -- Vehicles 6 2 4
Skills Cost: 26

Pure Genius: Quickness 4, Limited (Only for mental activities) 2
Powers Cost: 2

Adaptive Exoskeleton: Leaping 3, Movement 1 (Safe Fall), Speed 5, 8 Removable Mk3 Dipole-dipole "D2-3" Gauntlets Array: Removable (-4) 18 AE Molecular Dispersal Field: Burst Area Affliction 8, 16 Limited Degree, Extra Condition (Dazed & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Stunned) Resisted by Fortitude AE Molecular Blades: Damage 5 1 AE Molecular Simulator: Create 8 1 AE Force Bolt: Ranged Damage 7 1 AE Force Blast: Burst Area Damage 8 1 AE Impeller Field: Flight 8 1 AE Tractor / Pressor Beam: Move Object 8 1 Predictive Armor Suit: Protection 10, Impervious Toughness 6 13 (ignore 3), Removable
Devices Cost: 39
Total Cost: 152
Base Points: 160 ExP Spent: -8 Experience Points Total: 1 Total Points: 152

Thoth's Base 15
Thrillseeker - Stephen lives life to its fullest, always searching for the next adrenalin rush.
Enemy - Thoth has developed his own personal rogues gallery.


LOCATION : Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada SIZE : Medium OWNER : Thoth
Thoth's Base


Total Cost: 15

The entrance to Thoth's base is in his storage facility. The entrance is hidden in locker 53, randomly chosen so that no one could simply guess its location. The locker is large enough to drive a car into, but it is full of junk, mostly items that iChat be found in a college nerd's apartment. Boxes of old comic books(worthless), old role playing games, a computer or three, and a lava lamp. The lava lamp is actually the 'lock' to the real base. Thoths armor contains a short range emitter that, when run over the lava lamp allows it to be opened revealing a small button. The button closes and locks the door to the locker and then causes the whole room to lower quite quickly into the actual base. The elevator actually uses Thoths dipole dipole emitter rather than a traditional elevator mechanism in order to minimize any outward signs of the base. Thoth has additional emitters that he can give to trusted companions to give them access to his base.

The next room serves as the bulk of the base and includes a smlall kitchen and living room including the requisite couches and chairs as well as a small table and chairs. Along one wall is a large screen, a multifunction display for the base computer as well as a number of gaming systems as well as a television. In front of the screen is a large to bidirectional treadmill that Thoth uses to keep in shape while working. He has also designed a sensor system that parses his movements and speech for all of the systems attached to it. The computer is capable of speaking as well, butis not an AI. Simply a well programmed robust system that, at the moment, sounds a bit like Max Hedroom. Thoth can change the voice whenever he needs.

Off of the main room is a short hallway with four doors on each side of the hall as well as a door at the end of the hall. Each leads to a spartan room with a single bed except for the one at the end of the hall, which is Thoth's and is far more comfortable and well appointed. Each room has a small bathroom of its own.

On the opposite side of the h main room is another hallway this one with four doors. One door leads to a well equipped laboratory, another to a workshop. The workshop has a large door that leads into the antechamber in case he designs a large piece of equipment that won't fit through the other doors of the base. Another door leads to a library containing a significant history of the coco mic books of the last 50 years, roleplaying games back to the first edition of basic D&D, science and technical manuals and a few comfy couches to enjoy them on. The final door leads to a stairwell leading up to the bases computer core and power supply. The base replies on its own the power supply is complicated, but something approaching cold fusion.

The base is populated by robots which do the cleaning and other day to day operations of the base. A final resident of the base is Thoth's cat, toast. Toast is a sweet alley cat, a remnant of an old very poorly thought out experiment involving dropping a cat from a height with buttered toast strapped to his back... Thoth thought better of the attempt at an infinite power device and, instead, found a companion.

Known Background: Stephen grew up a typical child in the suburbs except for his extreme intelligence. When he first went to school the counselor tried to diagnose him with Asperger's Syndrome, but after some research he proved to the counselor that he was simply a normal child too smart for his own good who just had trouble relating to other children. He skipped a number of grades as a child, but somehow adapted well and, despite the usual disdain that children like him experience, was friendly enough that he got along well with his peers. He graduated from highschool at the age of 15 and college at 18. His PhD followed shortly after at 20. Because of his incredible technical aptitude, he was courted by a number of defense contractors and universities, but the intense pace of his childhood had burnt him out on the corporate or academic lifestyle. Instead, he took the money that he made by selling a number of small patents to buy a storage lot (U-store It). He didn't really know anything better to do at the time and it seemed to fit with his new desire to live the slacker lifestyle.

Boredom quickly set in and Stephen turned one of the larger storage units into a workshop where he could exercise his mind if not his quickly fattening body. Still, Stephen wanted more from his life and knew he was capable of being far more. It was one day when he was reading his extensive comic book collection that he realized his true calling... Being a hero. The hero life as he saw it fit with what he wanted... He could spend time tinkering to make himself armor and weapons capable of defeating even the most evil of villains. When he was bored with that he could go patrolling and get the adrenaline and adventure that he so wanted. His childhood embracing all things nerdy helped him choose his name even... Thoth, egyptian god of knowledge seemed appropriate. Best of all, he could keep his U-store It business and even turn it into his headquarters... Every good superhero, or villain for that matter, needs a headquarters.

The small matter of designing an armored suit and exoskeleton as well as a weapon system that was so beyond anything that could be conceived of with current technology was nearly brought to a halt when Stephen turned Thoth realized that he might need to be in shape to be a hero. His plans nearly collapsed when he realized that getting in shape was hard. Still, like every problem in his life he studied and came up with a plan. Gone was the comfy chair in front of the computer and the fuzzy couch that had conformed so well to his shape. In was a treadmill workstation and weight setup. Before long, he realized that exercise might even be fun and added a gym to the plans for his new headquarters.

The headquarters problem gave him the first good test of his equipment. He used his Gauntlets (MK-1 at the time) to secretly dig a large underground lair beneath the U-store It. His first forays into heroing weren't the most successful, but after a bit more study he found his rhythm. Still, he tries to maintain his privacy unlike a number of other heroes (who shall remain nameless) selling patents through intermediaries when he needs money and leaving media appearances to the more showboaty heroes. That's just not what he's in it for.

Thoth was created, designed and played by John "Baker" Belding. He is now an NPC.

© Copyright 2011, 2023 - John Belding

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