Strike Force²

Created by Neil Lindgren
Team PL: 10

Detroit had devolved into a dark and gritty landscape as the century approached its end, and its defender, the Black Beetle, had answered its decline with a seriousness that went beyond his predecessors. He was dedicated solely to its protection, and was therefore unprepared with an heir to his title when he was soundly defeated and left crippled. Forced, for the first time in four generations, to look outside his own lineage for help, Leslie Mason recruited a group of four super-teens to carry on his mission and formed Strike Force.

This team did not last long, however. With the death of one of their own fairly early on, the teens chose to go there seperate ways.

Former Members

Support Staff
Leslie (Black Beetle³) Mason


© Copyright 1994, 2023 - Neil R. Lindgren

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Last updated on 1 December 2023