Created by Neil Lindgren and Jim Caswell
Team PL: 10

It was the heydey of small local super hero teams. When two Washington D.C. based heroes, Bouncer and Gigawatt, started working together, the press quickly dubbed them "the D.C. Defenders." While they were effective, they did not truly become an organised super team until several months later.

After leaving Chicago, Mindmeld and his friend Golden Eagle went in search of a new team to build. Meanwhile, the villains known as The Blasters were systematically going around to different cities with assassination attempts on various super heroes. The climax of this formed in the gathering of Fantastic Man of the Crusaders, Emerald Knight of the Marshals and the already existing D.C. Defenders in a battle with The Blasters. After the villains were defeated, the team was joined by Golden Eagle, received financial backing from Ronald Lexington (Mindmeld) and accepted Fantastic Man as leader.

In the year that followed, Fantastic Man brought his daughter, Fantastic Girl, into the fold, as well as accepted the mysterious Vanguard into the group. It was also during this time that Mindmeld's dual identity was discovered and charges were filed against him for the misuse of his power. Without being for certain that he had not done as he was accused, Mindmeld pled guilty to the charges. After Lexington's financial troubles with the government were concluded, he decided to retire, both from the hero and business world. After turning over control to his company to his friend Larry Carter (Golden Eagle), he moved to a secluded island to be alone.

Carter retired from the hero business, returning to Lexington Inc.'s main office in Chicago. Fantastic Man and Fantastic Girl likewise retired in search of a "normal" life. Torpedo joined the ranks as Bouncer reclaimed leadership of the team in Fantastic Man's absence, continuing the tradition of heroism that the team had stood for. When Carter threw his hat and Lexington's finances in with the Champions of Justice, the Defenders were made defacto honorary members but maintained their individuality as a group, chosing to stay local rather than joining the global team. This lasted for only a few months, however, when The Shield approached the group to join the Secret Service. While this opportunity interested Bouncer and Derby Queen, Emerald Knight and Torpedo decided to go solo and Gigawatt finally moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. Then Emerald Knight was attacked and the Allied Defenders formed.

Former Members
Derby Queen
Emerald Knight
Fantastic Girl
Fantastic Man II
Golden Eagle
John Doe

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