Created by Ken Hallaron

The planet Ahzn has two seperate indigenous sapient species. They share their planet peacefully. The two races can, but only very rarely do, interbreed. These hybrids favour the swamps that often seperate the two environments.

Known Ahzn Hybrids
Star Abbess Nah Noda


Created by Tim Phillips and Matt Hallaron

The Ahm are the intelligent lifeform that developed on the land masses of Ahzn. Apparently mammalian, they are bipedal, have porcine features, pinkish skin, and tend to have very little hair, save on the top of their heads. They a shorter race, rarely growing more than 1.2 meters tall. They are reputed to be able to eat nearly anything, with very strong immune systems.

Known Ahm
"Dr. Pig"


Created by Neil Lindgren and Ken Hallaron

The Idani are the intelligent lifeform that developed in the oceans of Ahzn. Though they appear reptilian, they are actually warm-blooded mammals. Being an aquatic species, they are virtually hairless. They have lungs and can breathe air, however they have evolved a means of naturally extracting oxygen from sea water that allows them to function below the surface for days. Their skin tends to be a mottled blue and green. They have wide nostrils on their shallow snouts, though no nose to speak of. Combined with their wide mouths, the effect is rather frog like.

Known Idani

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