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Von Zuel is a major mover-n-shaker within the Minneapolis Underworld with preported ties to the Russians, the Yakuza and the Triad, but is also rumored to be answering to someone higher on the foodchain. When he learned that two of his men, the Kearns brothers (Douglas, one of his better legbreakers and theives, and Marley, a beancounter), had stolen antique weapons from his boss, he was told to get them back in line or suffer the consequences. They were allowed to keep the mystic items (and their lives) provided that they remain loyal. That loyalty lasted about as long as it took Bassline to return to Minneapolis with his new friends from the Radio Ranch, at which point the Kearns Brothers took off running, leaving Von Zuel to be apprehended.

The organization has survived though, and has recently been trying to take territority in the Saint Louis Metro Arera, running afoul of the local crimelords, Dominic Schwartz and Bogdan Sikorsky.

Active Members
Gregor Von Zuel
Elite Von Zuel Gang Foot-Soldier

Inactive Members
The Kearns Brothers

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