Blasters 2.0

Created by Jim Caswell
Team PL: 11 (11-12)

Dr. Howard Moore was your typical mad scientist. After being ejected from TIN for unethical behavior, he continued his research using money stolen by a team of thieves, whom he promised to give super powers to once his work was complete. Instead, though, he used them as guinea pigs to test his transformation technology. The idea was to create a technologically based group of powers that, once transferred to the bearer, could charge them to super proportions.

Flux proved to be a failure because they could only absorb the powers once and were stuck with them. Moore realized that surgically-implanted circuitry needed to be put into the bearer to complete the transfer. Without any more volunteers to work on, however, Moore was left with operating on himself, his son and his friends.

This time the transfer proved to be a complete success. Not only could they call the powers to themselves, but they could trade off powers at any time and even ride the signal back to the laboratory. The five of them struck out on a criminal career, aiming to make a name for themselves. The group started out by going on a nationwide killing spree of super heroes, which was stopped in Washington D. C. by the city’s Defenders.

After fleeing from custody, Moore's manic-depressive behavior turned and decided that everything that he had done was wrong. He decided to finally end his life of crime. He was in the process of turning himself in when he was shot through the head.... by his own son.

Richard had taken over the leader role, recruiting his girlfriend's younger brother to round out the team. The entire group went underground. The circuitry implanted had negative effects on the human brain, however, driving the bearer slowly insane. In order to continue the pursuit of electronic components, the Blasters began to hire themselves out as mercenaries. The first job they accepted was a contract on the ex-Warrior Brainwave, which failed miserably.

Meanwhile, Howard Moore’s continuousness, trapped within the teleporting technology, began to evolve. It was at the time of the Blaster’s greatest defeat that his mind was freed; transformed into Virus. The first order of business with his new powers and abilities was to pay old debts as he re-recruited Diana – changing her into Proxie – removed the Blasters power source and repaid his son in kind for his treachery. The two left, only to run afoul of a top secret government agency known as Project: Titan.

Former Members

Deceased Members
Richard Moore

© Copyright 1992, 2023 - James E. Caswell

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