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Kaiju (Japanes for "strange beast") is the term used for bizzare, gigantic creatures that defy science, and are easily the largest known animals. They are larger than any whale, but it is not known from whence they came. On Earth, there are only two known Kaiju: Girrigan and Pteetian. Girrigan is an eighty metre tall dinosaur-like creature that has been attacking Japan in frequently since the 1950s. Pteetian appears to be a gigantic pteronadon (a flying reptile from the dinosaur age). Whether either creature is unique, or if their are multiple members of either species is unknown. It is believed that they spend the majority of their time on an uncharted island in the south Pacific ocean. This island is generally referred to as Girrigan's Island.

At one point, the mad scientist Ulysses Shamon was bringing Kaiju-like creatures from the extra-dimensional realm of Tartursuria to Earth, but they were stopped and returned there. There is also an extra-solar planet, used by the extraterrestrial mercenary Algolians, that is known to have Kaiju-sized dinosaur-like creatures. This planet was forcibly visited by then D.C. Defenders' Fantastic Man and Bouncer, courtesy of the impish Wayron, and by the Champions of Justice, courtesy of the Izufanarid Prince Tubit as a prelude to his Algolian invasion.

Known Kaiju of Girrigan's Island

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