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The Worrakans are a humanoid race with copper or umber skin tones and extended brow and clavical bones that pertrude out farther than an earthlings. They are a warrior race, but are considered among the most honorable ones in the known universe. They often search throughout the universe in their battle fleets for worlds to conquer and add to their hegemony. They believe in fair combat, often presenting the indiginous species with a declaration of war and an option for surrender, using an equal level of power to show their dominance rather than attempting to wipe out the species outrite.

On two occasions, the Worrakans have set their sites on Earth. The first time was several years ago when, as they began to approach the planet, they discovered another alien fleet attacking. Acting with honor, they declared their intentions to the Hreudi and were answered with a barrage of weaponry that wiped out that fleet. When the follow-up ships arrived to learn what happened, they were informed that the planet was under quarantine by order of the Stellar Brotherhood. As such, they wait to see what will develop and if they will get another chance at adding the little blue planet to their collection.

Known Worrakans
Captain Mas'daum
Worrakan Soldier

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