Over the years, players have used short stories to flush out times in thier characters' lives, or simply wanted to explore an idea with an NPC. These are those tales.

Be Still My Heart by Jim Caswell and Anthony Eppard
Beasts and Men by Jason Hobbs
Before the Migraine by Kyle Kofoid
Blasters 3.0 by Jim Caswell
Can't Keep A Good Man Down by Ken Hallaron
A Clash of Titans by Dawn Greenlee
Evil Begets Evil by Jim Caswell
The Forlorn Ones by Jason Hobbs
Happy Birthday by Kyle Kofoid
The Journal of Lance Diamond by Jason Hobbs
The Parcel by Jason Hobbs
The Price of Power by Jim Caswell and Ken Hallaron
Repossession by Jim Caswell
Spectrum's Wedding by Jim Caswell
You Can Go Home Again by Jim Caswell and Katie Meadows

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Last updated on 19 September 2018