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DENNIS WATERS Scion of Dionysus

NAME : Dennis Waters IDENTITY : Public OPERATIONS : mobile (Europe) POWER LEVEL : 12 PLAYER :
non-player character
Dennis Waters: Professional Sleezebag

Abilities Cost: 32
 Lifting STR 6 
3200 lbs.

Defense Cost: 24

+12 Close, Damage 6 Pigs to Swine -- Burst, Affliction 12 Things Are Getting Hot -- Burst, Affliction 12


Acrobatics -- 0 -- Athletics 6 6 -- Unarmed Combat 12 2 10 Deception 20/25 4/12/5 4 Expertise
Business 10 5 5 Carousing 12 5 7 Film Making 15 5 10 Law 8 5 3 Insight 14 2 12

Intimidation 4 4 -- Investigation 10 5 5 Perception 17 2 15 Persuasion 20/25 4/12/5 4 Ranged Combat 5 5 -- Sleight of Hand -- 5 -- Stealth 0 0 -- Technology 8 5 3 Treatment -- 5 -- Vehicles -- 5 --
Skills Cost: 39 Notes:

Attractive 2 Benefit 4 (Wealth 3, Good Team of Lawyers) Connected Daze (Deception)

Eidetic Memory Fascinate 2 (Deception, Persuasion) Improvised Weapon 6

Favored Foe (Young Adults) Luck 6 Speed of Thought Taunt
Advantages Cost: 11

Avatar of Derinus: Enhanced Trait 64 (+6 STR, +6 STA, +2 PRE, 64 +7 Dodge & Parry, +6 Toughness, Daze, Fascinate 2, Great Endurance, Improvised Weapon 6, Luck 6) Don't Stop Now, Bro!: Immunity 17 (Alchohol, Drugs, Fatigue 17 Effects, Life Support) Keeping the Party Going: Create 6, Innate, Variable Descriptor 2 15 (Party Favors / Merchandise), Permanent Life of the Party Array 51 AE Pigs to Swine: Burst Area Affliction 12, Resisted by FORT, 49 Area 2, Selective, Variable Descriptor (Animal Forms), (Impaired, Stunned, Transformed) AE Maenad Swarm: Summon 4, Controlled, Heroic, Mental Link, 1 Multiple Minions 5 (32), Limited to Available Subjects of Party People AE Things Are Getting Hot: Cumulative Burst Area Affliction 12, 1 Resisted by Will, Area 3, Limited to Young Adults, (Entranced, Compelled, Controlled) Peeping Tom: Senses 8 (Extended Vision 2, Microscopic Vision, Rapid 8 Vision, Penetrates Visual Concealment) The Host With the Most: Enhanced Trait 12 (+12 Deception & PER, 6 Limited to Young Adults Only)
Powers Cost: 161
Devices Cost: 0 Total Cost: 267 Base Points: 192 ExP Spent: 75 Experience Points Total: 0 Total Points: 267 Equipment:
Enemy - Various 'exploited' women and boyfriends, parents, womens’ groups, religious types and law enforcement types really want his campaign of lewd behavior to end. So far, he hasn’t been found legally guilty. Also, for some reason that he's unaware of, Guardian is after him too.
Minion - Dennis can be called upon at anytime by his patron no matter where he might be and he has to as Darinus asks of him.
Party Animal - Before being chosen, Dennis led a life of partying and womanizing. Now that he’s gotten his powers, Dennis’ life hasn’t changed much.
Pervert - If he thinks that he has a decent chance at getting a good look at a hot babe- he’ll take it, and often video tape it.
Reputation - There’s a nice side of the jerk somewhere deep, deep inside that worries about his legacy.
Relationships - Dennis' cousin River is a former hooker who now works with the SLUTs, which he can respect. Cousin Jackie is a fed cop. That, he can't stand.

Known Background: Dennis Waters was, from the beginning, a sleazy pervert; or in his own words, developed a fine appreciation for the female figure at an early age. He wasn’t too picky about it either and he became well known as a peeping tom at his school, in his neighborhood and even within his family (he's seen both of his cousins naked). While many boys either grow out of that phase or at least learned to control it, Dennis has turned it into a career. Progressing through jobs such as tabloid photographer and private investigation (specializing in infidelity cases), he found his focus in life doing ‘documentaries’ and ‘real life television’. What that often meant was that he would hire a small crew to man video cameras and head out to a popular party place, looking for cute young things (usually drunk), encourage exhibitionist tendencies, get them to sign waivers and start filming. Anonymously, though, he’s been giving several charities money (primarily dealing with child abuse).

Sometimes, Dennis has come up with more creative scenes. His greatest accomplishment is an upskirt video of Italy's Fortedonna during her very short miniskirt phase. She still hasn’t forgiven him. Likewise, he had to dodge several lawsuits when his company published the pornographic videos sent in to him of Ruby and Mr. Behemoth, Stuntman and le Chatte, and Fantastic Man and Fantastic Girl. He still holds, to this day, that he had no way of knowing that they were actually members of the Sarecen.

Recently, one of his normal video shoots was life altering. He was determined to push the boundaries even further and had the girls signed up, but wanted to get them just a bit more "in the mood." The bartender, a strange-looking man with one hand and greenish skin (at the time, he wrote it off as weird club lighting) gave him a bottle of "Ambrosia" to use, but taking a sample shot for himself knocked him out.

When he awoke, he found himself lying in front of a shimmering portal. The Greek guy on the other side told him that he was a decendent of the god Dionysus, that his power had been awakened and that he could keep it if he occasionally did him favors. The first was to convince a currator to turn over a necklace, which his powers of persuasion not only took care of, but got a great video that brings in regular payments to keep off the internet. Dennis handed over the bling and was off again to do his thing until the next time called.

Since then, Dennis has kept the party (and the video shoots) going, pushing the boundaries of decency while staying within the letter of the law. Various groups keep trying to shut him down. A murder near one of them brought down a lot of heat, and his lawyers have recommended that he take the show oversees for a while, which he can work with. As long as there's beaches, babes and booze, he'll stay in business.

He doesn't see himself as a bad guy per se, just a perverted sleazebag.

Dennis Waters was created and designed by "Spectrum". He is an NPC.

© Copyright 2013, 2024 - "Spectrum", James E. Caswell

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