Welcome to the 21st Century RC Universe

Greetings and salutations. The RC Universe is a role-playing environment. More specifically, it is a shared campaign world for a number of super hero style campaigns. There have been several campaigns set in this world; most of them table-top, but some that were played by e-mail games as well. There have been games set in the RC Universe for over a quarter of a century now, as the first game set in the RC Universe happened over Labor Day weekend in 1987.

The name "RC Universe" comes from two sources. The obvious one is reminiscent of the term a major comic book publisher uses to refer to the universe where its stories take place. The other part comes from where most of my original players and I were matriculating twenty-five years ago. It was Rockford College, in Rockford, Illinois. It was cute, it fit, my game-mastering mentor did the same thing when he was at Augustana College, and it was more group-oriented than "Earth-K". It may not be so meaningful now, but it is good to hold onto your roots. At least that's what the players who didn't go to Rockford tell me.
The RC Universe is set in the present; give or take a few weeks. However, time passes slower here than in the real world. We have adopted a policy of using "comic book time". Characters age slowly, and major in-story events are referred to as being a number of years ago, rather than a specific date: RCU Timeline. Refrences to real world events are eschewed. And the world of the RC Universe has gotten further from reality as time has gone on. The face of politics has changed. Technology has changed. Monorails run across the landscape next to superhighways carrying solar powered cars. These differences are detailed here: RCU Differences. But, of course, the major difference is that parahumans and trained paranormals choose to wear gaudy costumes and try to change the world.
Many people have run several RCU campaigns over the years. My own is the "anchor" - the Champions of Justice, which is run both face-to-face and videoChat. My friend Jim Caswell has run quite a few RCU campaigns over the past decade, and for the RCU pretty much is my right hand. Our friends, Doug Zeitlin, Neil Lindgren, Andy Fox, and Jason Hobbs have all been major contributors as well. And we've even had people write short stories set within the universe. This website is an over view of that world and, eventually, to all of the campaigns. I'm proud of the work that we've done. I've had a lot of fun, and I feel safe in saying that the others have too. So come on in, the water is fine.

When we first started what would become the RCU, we were using a home cooked system we called "Heroes and Hellrazers". It was clumbsy beyond belief. By the Winter of '87/'88 we were looking at other systems, and we selected 'Champions' now known better as the Hero System. And it served us well for a couple of decades. But honestly, with each new edition, the write-ups kept getting longer and longer but with no real improvement in play. The other thing is that both Neil and myself have never stopped looking at other role-playing systems, particularly super-hero role playing systems. My storage unit has books from nearly a dozen other super-hero RPG systems in it. In the spring of 2011, Neil picked a copy of "DC Adventures", the "Mutants & Masterminds, 3rd Edition" book which has the license to my favourite published comic heroes (recent events not withstanding.) He showed it to me, and I was blown away. Doug, who'd only just come back to gaming, was likewise bowled over. Neil and Jim became converts as well. And we became more excited than we've been in years about the RC Universe.
For those of you interested in the conversion process for characters, we have found that 16 points per Power Level (as oppossed to the DCA recommended 15 per PL) and 2 Power Points for every 5 Hero System Experience Points works pretty well. We have also created and/or borrowed our own set of addendums to fill in the very few gaps we've found in the sourcebook. The process takes time. And I again want to thank Neil, Doug and Jim for their help and support with the change, and the rest of our players for their patience.
And another big thank you to Matt, my brother and a fine role player, whose technical expertise, willingness to teach, and overall gererosity have made this website possible. This is a huge co-operative effort. Every person who has played in any of the campaigns detailed here has added significantly to the RC Universe. It is appreciated.

Please excuse the mess as we are in a constant state of updating. If you have any questions or comments, please contact either Jim at Jim@RCUhero.net or me at Kenn@RCUhero.net. Welcome, we're glad to see you.

Ken Hallaron
a.k.a. Kenn, the Continuity Cop

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Campaign Groups Allied Defenders Champions of Justice Crusader Force
Eclipse Force d'Orleans The LVSF Consultants
Pacific Coast Paranormals

Other Heroic Groups American Rangers The Shadow Hawk The U.N.D.I.
Euroforce The Parahuman Society of Canada la Société Ultrahumaine du Québec
National Solar Parahuman Team of Nippon National Mecha Team of Nippon Crux Australis
The Union of African Supers

Duos & Trios The Birds of the Bay Diamant & Fantasia Guardian & Shrike
Los Terrífico Tres

Solo Operatives
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Families Legacy Families The Hero Family

Former Campaign The Aces Big Apple Knights Crusaders
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Firepower Gateway Guardians Hawk
Knights of Justice Nightwatch Strike Force¹
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Windy City Defenders

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Disbanded Hero Allied Champions Freedom Force I Justice Squadron
Groups Legion of Champions The Pendragons Windy City Warriors

Military and Political Organizations
Foreign Organisations United Nations Intelligence Taskforce M.I.9 F.S.B.

National Heroes of Nippon People's Liberation Army Para-Force Royal Canadian Parahuman Security

Department of Superhuman Security of Quebec

U.S. Organizations Office of Parahuman Relations Parahuman Security Bureau PSB Strikeforce

U.S. Military U.S. Secret Service F.A.S.I.

U.S. Black Ops Project: Coffee Project: Moonshot Project: Eclipse

Project: New Moon Project: Titan Project: P.H.A.S.T.

Former Campaign Political Freedom Force II U. S. Marshals
Organizations (disbanded)

Disbanded Political Organizations U. N. Earthforce

Campaign Groups B.A.D.A.S.S.

Other Antiheroic Groups Friends of the World Rebel Yell Sacred Circle
Soldiers of Fortune

Non-Para Antiheroic Groups C.A.S.H. Colonel Kirby's Commandos

Former Campaign Avatar Retribution
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Disbanded Antihero A.R.M.O.R. Brotherhood of Freedom The Slayers
Groups The Vigil

Master Villains Kristoffer, Son of Mordred The Locksmith Andrew Mahn

Raziel Robotron Ulysses Shamon

Alchemo The Commodore Dominion

Decibel Ghost Empress Lady Fortanchu

Madame Y Mister Marvel Necron

Puppeteer The Villain

Organisations I.O.G.W.P. The Phoenix Syndicate Viper

Warriors of the Confederacy The Birdmen

Villain Teams The Blood Knights The Chain Gang The Collection Agency

The Darq Destructors Drug Lords

The Eight-Dread Enforcers The Entropy Gang

Evicted Demonz F.A.G.I.N. The Fearsome Four

Flux Free Radicals Generation M

Hilton Brothers Lynch Mob Natural Disaster

Noble Gas Gang The Oddballs Power Three Four

Rainbow Warriors The Saracen S.L.U.T.s

Smash & Grab Sun Lords Time Champions

Union of Anarchy The WeatherNauts

Duos & Trios Acidic Ladies Atomic Reaction Cerulean & Azure

Cinnamon & Sugar Donner und Blitzen The Malpractitioners

Mr. & Mrs. Tality Rancid Mutilations The Superfans

Tat and the Hat The Tesla Twins The Thunder Twins

Tower Power Triple Threat The Warlocks

Wild Hearts

Loose Affiliations Champions of Injustice Followers of Germanicus C.A.M.L.

Los Diablos

Solo Operatives Mercenaries 'R Us

Street Crime The Caporetta Family The Boulet Clan The Greek's Mob

The Pagans The Rizzoli Family The Ruspovik Crime Family

The Schwartz Organization Shotuka Ninja Clan The Von Zuel Organization

The Yakuza The Lumberjack Gang

Disbanded Villain Groups Blasters The Collectors Demolition Squad

Evil Villians In League Feathers Force Five

The Guild Havok Hazard, Inc.

Kearns Brothers L.O.S.E.R.s Malevolent Seven

Meister der Kraft The Outcasts Society for the Facilitation of Enthropy

The Business District
Large Corporations Adams Industries American Industries C.E.R.N.A.

C.R.E.S.T. Drébin Technologies Fawkes Construction Designs

Holiday International Knox Enterprises Lexington Incorporated

MahnTech MorTech Pierce Manufacturing Company

Remington Enterprises Round Table Industries StuntCorp

Tanaka Electronics Corporation TanYan Mining Corp

Subsidiaries of Above Bronson Laboratories (MahnTech) AirMahn (MahnTech) The Olympus Mahns (MahnTech)

Technological Innovations Now (Drébin) StarChylde Casino (Drébin) The Nesca Corporation (Holiday)

Lexington Medical Associates (Lexington) GenCorp (CERNA)

Small Businesses Bigger Lens Films The Breié Body Shop & Motors Cape Fear Oceanagraphic Research Institute

Cornen Foods Deuce Investigations Diamond Detective Agency

Hart Poker Challenge Law Offices of Jones and Knight Mills' Gyms

Oasis Community Center The Pitcher's Mound Pole2Pole Industries

Smart Securities Wagner Financials and Associates

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Additions to the Map Empire City, Delaware Williamsburg, New Jersey Tippecanoe, Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon Everett’s Bay, Maine Horton Valley, Wisconsin

Candleton, Kentucky Kennedy, Illinois Fort Bernard, Indiana

Lake Bamalama, Minnesota Ronald, West Virginia Northwick Heights, California

Huron City, Ontario Winanstan Omg'W'Wtt Island

Mickey Island Asteroid 198796 Coinneach

Superteam Bases Liberty Station Champions Cavern Champions Island

The Aerie The Carriage House Ceres Station

Maison de Force The Sanctuary Crusader Fortress

Eclipse Observatory The Ranger Stations Rebel Yell Headquarters

Euroforce Chalet

Superhero Bases Guardian's Lair Osprey's Nest Tara

The Priva-Pier Defender Depot The Dragon Nest

The Birdhouse l'Armoury Thoth's Base

Former Bases The Guard Tower The Sleeve Havok Moonbase

Points of Interest International Hero Hall of Fame and Museum Legion of Champions Museum Crusaders Memorial Museum

Koezar Galactic Embassy The Radio Ranch

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of Trans-Talents
Alister Institute for the
Criminally Insane

Valhalla Cold Storage

Beyond the Norm
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Cryptozoology Kaiju Cryptid Primates Lake Monsters

Alien Races Ahzn: Ahm Ahzn: Idani Algolians

Amorti Canidac Dugzta

Drasalite Faligreyans Granar

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Kirini Koezar Mar-Togs

Qaranites Samjax Stroni

Sootronoo Trinim Ukahnans

Vrohpi Worrakans Xehnians

Interstellar Agencies Star Knights Zero Hunters

Space Lanes The DIRSAT The Archon's DIRSAT The General Practitioner's DIRSAT

The Panda Ring Space Slavers

Alternate Dimensions Arandia Der Nacht Der Tag

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Tartarusia Hementopia Fairie World

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© Copyright 1987, 2016 - Kenneth G. Hallaron, James E. Caswell

- As of Jume 2016, these campaigns are actively running in both face-to-face and Google+ VideoChat.
- As of Jume 2016, these campaigns are actively running face-to-face only.
- As of Jume 2016, these campaigns are actively running on Google+ VideoChat only.

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