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The RCU (named after the college in which most of the founding players first met and as an homage to a preferred comic book company at the time) is a multi-universal role-playing environment for many superhero-style campaigns. Active for almost three decades, the games have run the gambit from table-top to play-by-email to videochat hangouts. We promote a friendly environment where all are welcome that want to join us, so take a look around and find a campaign that you'd like to become a part of.

Earth-K is the multiverse designation given to the primary Earth of the RC Universe. The vast majority of the characters and organizations catalogued on this website are natives to Earth-K, or other planets within the same universe.
Earth-A is a near copy of Earth-K in many respects, but varies the closer one gets to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
Earth-D is a world teeming with zany super-heroes alongside parodies and pastiches of the pop-culture of the real world. Subject to random change at the gamemaster's whim, it is best to not try and take it too at all seriously.
Earth-W is a dark, dystopian world where anyone with parahuman abilities are considered outlaws, including those that would normally be inclined to working on the side of right.
Earth-L spun out of Earth-K due to the actions of the future time-traveller known as Timefire. His first trip splintered this universe away, while his second one accidentally spun it back into Earth-K's reality.
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