It used to be, back when our character sheets were only on paper, several of us used to keep manila folders of characters we developed and would like to someday play. Some of those characters never did get used and the character sheets still exist (although a Heck of a lot of them were used for Crux Australis and UNDI). And some of us still have ideas for characters that we want to play but we don't have a place to do so. Well, now this is that folder.

Bar Ben
by Jim Caswell
Chimera by Jim Caswell
Crusader II by Ken Hallaron with Jim Caswell
Lobster Man by Matt Hallaron, Tim Phillips & Ken Hallaron
Mercy by Steve Williams
Quadterra by Ken Asche
Starband by Ken Asche
Steam Punk by Jim Caswell

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Last updated on 2 May 2024