Heroes of the RCU

NAME : IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Las Vegas, NV, USA POWER LEVEL : 10 PLAYER : Steve Williams

Abilities Cost: 64
Lifting STR 3 300 lbs.

* - without
Defensive Roll
Critical Immunity (Head)

Defense Cost: 2

+15 Close, Damage 3 MMA Strike +13 Close, Damage 5 Baton +13 Close, Damage 5/7 Knives +13 Close, Damage 5/7 Thrown Knives +15 Ranged, Damage 5 .45 Pistol +16 Ranged, Damage 4


Aiming at Something Vital: Enhanced Trait (Power Attack) 1 Hard Target: Enhanced Trait 6 (+3 Dodge & Parry) 6 MMA Striking: STR-based Damage 2, Stacks w/Melee Butterfly Knife 2
Powers Cost: 9
Devices Cost: 0 Notes:

Agile Feint All-Out Attack Beginner's Luck Benefit 3 (Cipher, Various Covers) Close Attack 6 Defensive Roll 3 Diehard Equipment 6

Evasion Favored Environment (Close Quarter 1-on-1) Fast Grab Favored Foes 2 (Crooked Cops, Mobsters) Improved Disarm Improved Grab Improved Hold

Improved Initiative Improvised Weapon 2 Lionheart Luck 5 Power Attack Prone Fighting Quick Draw Ranged Attack 7 Well-Informed
Advantages Cost: 49

Acrobatics 6 5 1 Athletics 10 3 7 Unarmed Combat 15 7/6 2 Deception 9 2 7 Expertise
Criminology 6 3 3 Streetwise 6 3 3 Underworld 8 3 5 Insight 5 4 1 Intimidation 9 2 7 Investigation 5 3 2

Perception 9 4 5 Persuasion 4 2 2 Ranged Combat
Firearms 16 4/7 5 Knives 15 4/7 4 Sleight of Hand -- 4 -- Stealth 9 5 4 Technology 4 3 1 Treatment 4 3 1 Vehicles 8 4 4
Skills Cost: 32 Total Cost: 156 Base Points: 160 ExP Spent: -4 Experience Points Total: 0 Total Points: 156 Equipment:

Weapon Pool: 14 Collapsable Baton: STR-based Damage 2 T-bar Knives: STR-based Damage 2 Butterfly Knife: STR-based Damage 2 OR Ranged STR-based Damage 2 Pepper Spray: Damage 4 .45 Pistol: Ranged Damage 4 Body Armor: Protection 2 2 Burner Cellphone 1 Helmet & Visor: Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Unreliable Roll), 3 (Immunity 5 (Sight Affliction Effects, Half Effect) Motorcycle 10
Distinctive Features - Mercy has a large scar across his left shoulder and pectoral in the rough form of an M. The scar is from where the mobsters removed the flesh from his body as they started to skin him.
Identity - Mercy's real name has been scrubbed from databases due to his time as an undercover cop. Even his fellow officers tended to refer to him by his name at the time, and they all believe him to be dead. On bad days, even Mercy has trouble remembering the name his parents gave him.
Monstrous - Mercy has tread too close to the dark side. While he is trying to bring himself back to the light, he sometimes has to fight his nature from doing things that most people would consider bad (stealing, torturing, killing).

Known Background: The man now known as Mercy was once a member of the Detroit Police Department; an undercover detective for the Vice Squad. He had deeply infiltrated one of the local mobs and was on the verge of blowing the organization wide open until he was ratted out by a group of dirty cops. Shot several times and started to be skinned, he was spared from death only by the timely arrival of a few honest cops. Buried beneath the skins of other victims, the mobsters fled the scene, leaving him for dead. He didn't die, however, and after nursing himself back to health, he dressed himself in the skins of his fellow victims and began cutting a swath through Detroit's underworld, searching for the monsters responsible and making them beg for "Mercy" before administering their punishment.

By the time he was done, Mercy had sunk into the bitter darkness of vengeance. It wasn't until he faced the last person on his hit list that he realized that he had become no better than those that he had been hunting; wanted by the uncorrupted police and superheroes of the city. Realizing that he had to turn his life back around, he created a legitimate costume for himself and moved to Las Vegas with the intent to join their Strikeforce's group of Consultants, allowing him to once again work on the right side of the law.... unless the wrong side is needed to get the job done.

Mercy was created, designed and is played by Steve Williams.

© Copyright 1991, 2022 - Steven Williams

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Last updated on 27 March 2022