The Hawk

NAME : Valerie Roberts IDENTITY : Secret OPERATIONS : Rockford, IL, USA POWER LEVEL : 11 PLAYER : Jenn Lindgren
young Charcoal

Abilities Cost: 80

Lifting STR 12 100 tons Running 7 250 MPH Leaping 7 900' @ 250 mph Swimming 7 60 mph Impervious ignores up to 5

Defense Cost: 13

+12 Close, Damage 10 Karate Strike +10 Close, Damage 12 Thrown +10 Range, Damage 10


Accurate Attack Agile Feint All-Out Attack Attractive 1 Beginner's Luck Close Attack 3

Connected Diehard Equipment 1 Great Endurance Improved Initiative 1

Interpose Language (Japanese) Move-by Action Power Attack Set-Up 1 Withstand Damage
Advantages Cost: 19 Notes:

Acrobatics 10 7 3 Athletics 12/15 11 1 Close Combat 9 6/3 -- Unarmed 12 6/3 3 Wrestling 12 6/3 3 Deception 12/14 1/2 11 Expertise
Pop Culture 5 1 4 LoC stuff 4 1 3 Insight 6 4 2

Intimidation 4 1 3 Investigation 2 1 1 Perception 5 4 1 Persuasion 4/6 1/2 3 Ranged Combat 1 1 -- Thrown Objects 10 1 9 Sleight of Hand 3 1 2 Stealth 8 7 1 Technology -- 1 -- Treatment -- 1 -- Vehicles -- 1 --
Skills Cost: 25

Daddy's Invulnerability: Protection 2, Impervious Toughness 9 11 Radiation-boosted Erylusian Strength: Enhanced STR 2, Lifting only 2 Erylusian Healing: Regeneration 5 (lose a minus every other round) 5 Erylusian Resiliance: Life Support, Aging (Quirk: Not 100% immune) 10 Fast: Quickness 2, limited to Physical tasks 1 Movement Array 9 AE Anime Leap: Leaping 7 7 AE Great Legs: Speed 7 1 AE Breaststroke: Swimming 7 1 Karate Power Strike: STR-based Damage 2, Inaccurate 1
Powers Cost: 39
Devices Cost: 0 Total Cost: 176 Base Points: 176 ExP Spent: 0 Experience Points Total: 0 Total Points: 176 Equipment:

The Markers; Hawk Communicator 2
Personality - Valerie can be nerdy, blunt and tactless.
Responsibility - Charcoal is the daughter of Doctor Radio and Amazon Grace. As such she grew up being taught the importanance of helping people and using her abilities wisely.
Costume and Physique Problem - Charcoal's tops tend to get damaged or her breasts will be involved in some gag or exposed. It is NEVER deliberate on her part.

Known Background: Charcoal first appeared as a super heroine in Rockford, Illinois. On her first case, she seemed to already be known to another midwestern hero, Captain Miracle. Between this, her hair colour, and her powers led some to, correctly, surmise that this new heroine was the daughter of Amazon Grace, former Legion of Champions member. Shortly after meeting the Chicago based superteam, the Hawk, she was recruited as a part of that groups first big attempt at expansion. This expansion did not go well, and her tenure with the Hawk was brief.

Powers/Tactics: Charcoal is half Erylusian, in effect, a demi-goddess. Further more, she inherited some of the radioactive spawned might of her father, Doctor Radio. As such she is extremely strong and durable, and like most Erulusians heals at an enormous rate. Further more, she's been trained to use her strength in hand-to-hand combat. She is, in short, a brickette. Her enhanced muscles let her run and swim at incredible speeds, and she can jump half a mile. Her greatest drawback as a combatant, is that she can enjoy it too much and become distracted.

Personality: As a part of the so-called "Loc Bloc" (the children of the Legion of Champions), especially being born with powers, Charcoal basically saw life as a super heroine as a forgone conclusion. What else would she do with her powers? As such, her determination is partially hidden by a bright, almost bubbly personality, who is comfortable with who she is. Conversely, it is in her life outside heroics where her nerdy, introverted side shows. A late bloomer and hiding her powers, she grew up without many friends. Somewhere along the line she became a Nipponophile in general, and an anime fan ("otaku") in particular. Amidst the costumed fraternity, she is not afraid to let her competitive side show.

Appearance: Charcoal is 54" and weighs more than she appears, at 145 lbs. Though in her late-teens, her slowed aging process means her body, like a teenager's is still developing. A natural redhead, she's growing into a becoming a beautiful young woman. Her uniform is a grey bodysuit, with leather trim, emblazoned with a keyhole opening.

Charcoal na no da!
Charcoal was created and designed by Jenn Lindgren. She is currently an NPC.

© Copyright 1997, 2022 - Jennifer A. Lindgren, Kenneth G. Hallaron

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