Defenders of Anoria

NAME : Otto POWER LEVEL : 7 OPERATIONS : mobile PLAYER : Eric Gryzwa

Abilities Cost: 46

Lifting STR 3 400 lbs.

* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 11

+7 Close, Damage 2 Rapier +9 Close, Damage 4 Flaming Broadsword +7 Close, Damage 7 Throwing Knives +14 Ranged, Damage 1, Multiattack Potion Bags +6 Ranged, Affliction 8 Alt. Potion Bags -- Ranged, Affliction 7, Cloud Area


Beginner's Luck Benefit (ATH based on AGL) Close Attack 4 Defensive Attack Defensive Roll 2

Equipment 15 Favored Foe (Sailors) Hide In Plain Sight Language (Northern Common) Power attack

Quick Draw Ranged Attack 2 Takedown Teamwork Weapon Bind
Advantages Cost: 32 Notes:

Acrobatics -- 3 -- Athletics 5 2/1 2 Close Combat
Rapier 9 4/4 1 Deception 4 2 2 Expertise
Business 5 1 4 Lockpicking 4 1 3 Potion-Making 5 1 4 Sailing 4 1 3 Survival 3 1 2 Insight 3 3 --

Intimidation 2 2 -- Investigation -- 1 -- Perception 5 3 2 Persuasion 3 2 1 Ranged Combat
Thowing Knives 14 4/2 7 Sleight of Hand 6 4 2 Stealth 5 3 2 Technology 4 1 3 Treatment 3 1 2 Vehicles -- 4 --
Skills Cost: 19
Powers Cost: 0
Devices Cost: 0 Total Cost: 108 Base Points: 90 ExP Spent: 18 Experience Points Total: 41 Pooled Hero Points: 4 Total Points: 108

154 Gold Pieces (+20 Group Share funds) 6 Throwing Knives: 1 Ranged Damage, Piercing, Multiattack 2 Rapier Sword: +2 STR-based Damage, Piercing 2 Flaming Broadsword: +1 STR-based Damage + 2 Damage (triggered 4 by incantation word: Fuegorum) 2 Sleeping potion bags: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 7 vs FORT, 8 needs 4 hrs to make out of 1/8 lb. of Wolfsbane and 3/8 lb. of Confey (Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) Sleeping potion bags Alt.: Ranged Affliction 8 vs FORT, same as above 1 Blindness Bags: Cumulative Ranged Clous Area Dazzle 7 vs FORT, 8 needs 3 hrs to make out of 1/4 lb. of Goldenrod and 1/8 pot of ink (Impaired, Disabled, Unaware) Blindness Bags Alt.: Cumulative Ranged Dazzle 8 vs FORT, same as above 2 Weakening Potion pot: Cumulative Ranged Weaken 7 vs FORT, 4 affects Dodge & Parry, needs 6 hrs to make out of 1/4 lb. of Wolfsbane, 1/8 lb. of Goldenrod and 1/8 lb. of Birthwort 3 Truth Potion pot: Telepathy 7, verbal use only, needs 6 hrs 3 to make over an open flame out of 1/4 lb. of Confrey, 1/8 lb. of Salt, 1/8 lb. of Goldenrod, 1/16 lb. of Wolfsbane, and 1 liter of water 1 Giant Spider Knife Poison: 4 Weaken vs FORT, affects Toughness, 12 knife damage must do 2 levels of damage [a green] to be triggered), blades must be dipped in poison once per day, new poison needs to be made after 30 days of daily use, needs 2 hours to make over an open flame out of 1 medium- sized giant spider’s venom sack (½ of a large, 2 of a small) Elven Longbow and 11 Poison Arrows: Ranged Damage 3, Piercing, 10 linked to Affliction 3, Resisted by FORT, Unreliable (5) (Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep) Light leather armor: +1 Toughness 1 1 Backpack 1 1 Bedroll 1 2 days Iron Rations 1 1 Water Skin 1 1 Blade-sharpening Stone 1 Flint & Steel 1 ¾ lb. of Salt 1 1 lb. of Goldenrod 1 1 lb. of Wolfsbane 1 3/4 lb. of Birthwort 1 3/8 lb. of Comfrey 1 5/8 pot of Ink 1 1½ venom sacks from a spider queen 1 1 spare pots (for liquid potions) and 3 spare ˝ lb. bags 1 1 Mortar and Pestle 1 5 climbing Spikes and 50’ of rope 1 Thieves' Tools (long metal picks, probes, fine wires, tiny 1 saws, miniature hammers, & skeleton keys) An iron ring (a gift from Queen Esthora) 1 The Iron Cross of Anorian Honor 1 1 map of the Northern Continent 1
Equipment Cost: 74 out of 70
Animal Lover - Animals either become your friend or they don’t. They shouldn’t be locked-up, traded & sold for pleasure.
Doing Good - Otto is a thief, but is not motivated by greed. Instead, he wants to help others, and is very willing to take from those that have to help those that have not.
Relationship - Otto has friends back home that he left behind when he came to the Nothern Continent. There will be times when he will be homesick or reminded of them.
Stranger in A Strange Land - While Otto speaks the same language as the Northern Continenters, he has a very distinct accent that is easily noticed as being from the West. As such, people may react to it.

Background: Otto came to the Northern shores of Anoria from the Western Continent Island. His mother had been a potions-maker, but when he became old enough, he started assisting at the various ports in the loading/unloading ships as they came into Solaris. As mundane of an event this would be, Otto found ways to keep it interesting: eavesdropping on conversations, killing rats with his throwing knives, the overwhelming curiosity of what the locked chests contained or letting loose the occasional endangered species. Animals either become your friend or they don’t. They shouldn’t be locked-up, traded & sold for pleasure.

Reaching his mid 20s, he decided to open a couple of trading posts. One each on the opposite sides of the continent, in Solaris and in Skia. He partnered up with a few other dock hands he had grown close to over the ten years. His best mate Frederick ran the one in Skia as Otto ran the other. When someone had acquired goods from one shore, they made their way to the other ports trading post. Once every three months, Otto and Frederick met up with each other to handover goods, swap stories and information, sharing the profits...but slowly Otto was becoming weary of this way of life.

Stories of what was taking place on the Northern Continent began being spoken by one or two ships, then half of them. This awoke such a fire inside of Otto that he immediately cashed out with Frederick to take the next ship to the Northern Continent. It was never so clear that he wanted to explore and test himself, but this was the catalyst to see how his future would unfold.

He arrived at the port of Nornial, where he spent some time learning the basic mechanics of devices and the attributes of native plants that he could apply the tricks of his mother’s trade to. While there, he heard rumors of the distress Anoria was under and decided to head that way, booking passage aboard the Ruff Honour with Captain Dornal. The sailing was smooth without any run-ins with creatures that lived in the river, but Dornal was a rough captain who clearly was in it for the money. One day out of the city, a Raven landed on the boat, carrying Queen Esthora’s request for aid.

Appearance: Male; Age: 25; Height: 5' 8"; Weight: 175 lb.

Otto was created, designed and played by Eric Gryzwa.

© Copyright 2020, 2024 - Eric Gryzwa

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