Defenders of Anoria
ASARITH aka "Myown"

NAME : Asarith POWER LEVEL : 6 OPERATIONS : mobile PLAYER : Doug Zeitlin

Abilities Cost: 30

Lifting STR 1 100 lbs. Running 1 4 mph

* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 7

+6 Close, Damage 1 Dagger +9 Close, Damage 2, Imp. Crit. 19-20 Thowing Knives +9 Ranged, Damage 1, Multiattack Elven Bow +9 Ranged, Damage 3


Animal Empathy Close Attack 3 Defensive Roll 3 Favored Environment (Woodland) Equipment 4

Improved Initiative Language (Elven) Minion 3 (Bear) Minion 3 (Mouse) Move-By Action

Power Attack Prone Fighting Ranged Attack 3 Takedown Tracking Teamwork
Advantages Cost: 29 Notes:

Acrobatics 4 3 1 Athletics 5 1 4 Close Combat
Dagger 9 3/3 3 Deception 2 1 1 Expertise
Animals & Plants 5 1 4 Wood Weaponsmith 4 1 3 Survival 5 1 4 Insight 4 2 2 Intimidation 2 1 1

Investigation -- 1 -- Perception 6 2 4 Persuasion 2 1 1 Ranged Combat
Elven Bow 9 3/3 3 Throwing Knives 9 3/3 3 Sleight of Hand -- 3 -- Stealth 6 3 3 Technology -- 1 -- Treatment 4 1 3 Vehicles -- 3 --
Skills Cost: 20

L'shatae: Enhanced Trait 4 (+2 Dodge & Parry) 4 Sign Language: Comprehend 1 (Speak to Animals, Subtle, Only with 2 Animals he has trained with) Sound of the Forest Mimicry: Feature 1 1 Woodland Stride: Movement 1 (Trackless, Limited to woodland areas), 2 Speed 1
Powers Cost: 9
Devices Cost: 0 Total Cost: 94 Base Points: 90 ExP Spent: 4 Experience Points Total: 19 Pooled Hero Points: 4 Total Points: 94

39 Gold Pieces 1 Silver Dagger: +1 STR-based Damage, Piercing, Imp. Critical 2 Elven Bow: 3 Ranged Damage, Piercing with 8 arrows, split 7 3 Throwing Knives: 1 Damage, Piercing, Multiattack 2 Light hide armor: +1 Toughness 1 1 Backpack 1 1 Bedroll 1 Water Skin 1 50’ of rope 1
Equipment Cost: 16 out of 20
Aloof - Elves are known for their aloofness and perceived arrogance. Asarith has picked up these traits.
Distinctive Feature - Asarith has a birthmark on the inside of his left wrist. While this isn't important to humans, many elves will recognize it as an ancient glyph. There are many different interpretations of what the glyph means, but it always draws attention; often times unwanted.
Relationship - Asarith, Mouse and Bear are a tribe unto themselves. The three are incredibly close and are willing to do anything for one another.
Stranger in a Strange Land - In spite of being human, Asarith has spent his entire life with the Northern Forest Elves. As such, common human traits and activities can be lost on him.

Background: 15 Years Ago:
Asarith was born in a farming village called Trotfox near the Northern Woods. This village suffered a very bad drought and poor harvests over 100 years ago. Although there is no love lost between elves and humans, the northern wood elves assisted the villagers by providing provisions enough for the small village to survive the harsh winter. As a result, every year after the fall harvest the villagers and elves have a one day sunup to sunset trade festival. Villagers offer their best selection to the elves in barter for elfin tools and wares.

On the first festival after Asarith’s birth the elves arrived to find the village razed to the ground. Quick investigation found a pair of unsuspecting necromancers sacrificing the children of the village. A long and bitter battle ensued. Many good elves died, but so did the necromancers. The bodies of the necromancers were dismembered and body parts were transported to the corners of the land for disposal. The elves found infant Asarith the lone survivor of the village, he was peacefully cooing on the sacrificial altar. The General of the Elf Army, named Xevelora, was going to dispatch the infant child as a kindness, but the spiritual leader - Beledon - noticed a birthmark on the inside of the child’s left wrist. This was not just any birthmark, but a glyph on the lost ancient high elven language.

Not much was known of the birthmark, but it was recognizable as the glyph associated with an ancient prophecy. The prophecy is of great debate among northern elf scholars and religious leaders. The prophecy has been lost along with the ancient high elf language from the first reign of Elves. It has become a legend handed down in verbal history from generation to generation. It is simply called “The Prophecy.” Some believe it refers to the reunification of the elf races, some believe it refers to an elven messiah, while others believe it refers to a ragnarok. Few agree what it means, but many believe. Beledon refused to let the child be killed, and Xevelora refused to let such a marked human return to his kind. A deal was struck between the two of them that he would be raised in the elfish tradition until maturity.

By the time he could walk, Asarith was in training every day, all year round. His training included forest knowledge of plants/trees/herbs; what was edible, what was poison, and what was medicinal and also trained on forest animals, both healing and hunting. Time was spent on the beasts of the forest; what to avoid and how to handle them. Although he was physically stronger, but slower, than the elves, Asarith was expected to train in l’shatae; the Elf equivalent of Sun Tzu and martial arts. He excelled at ranged weaponry. He also learned that the best defense was having the best defense. Since he could not match the speed of his peer group, he learned to out skill them in his defense abilities. He may not have been able to directly defeat them in one on one combat, but he also could ensure that they could not beat him. His strategy: let them keep attacking until they wore themselves out through exhaustion. Asarith is skilled at spoken and written languages; he learns quickly. He speaks Elvin and Common Human, as taught by his instructors. He is also able to quickly learn new languages that he has not heard before.

5 Years Ago
As a symbol of his maturing and acceptance of responsibility for watching over the forest, Asarith was given a Sparrow Hawk to raise and train in hunting. He named the hawk Mielysa, or Mouse, as this was the bird’s favorite meal. Asarith and Mouse have become hunting partners. Mouse locates prey with his keen eyesight from the sky. Asarith dispatched the prey with his bow or sling. Some suspect that they have a link that allows them to communicate on a deep level. Asarith will only admit to training the bird with silent hand signals.

1 Year Ago
While on a hunting expedition to the north, Asarith found a Winter Wolf pup that had been abandoned by its mother. The pup was not simply the runt of her litter, he was stunted by genetic mutation. The tiny wolf was actual pygmy. As an orphan himself, Asarith decided to take in the wolf and restore it to health. He named the wolf Dat’ah-Tucrot, which roughly translates to The Great Bear Lord of the Protector of the Weak; nicknamed Bear. The wolf and child became fast friends. They appear to have the ability to communicate on a deep level, although Asarith only trained the wolf using silent hand signals. They are constant companions and almost never separated.

This Year at the Summer Solstice:
Asarith had successfully completed his primary education as provided by the Elves (this would be the equivalent of High School). He had mastered the basics that would have led him to choose a path among the Elvin careers. However, the elves were still distrustful of humans, and the council of elders, at Xevelora’s urging, decreed that it was time for him to find his place with his own kind. He was turned away from full membership in the tribe and expected to leave the forest. The elves provided him with basic essentials to survive and at sunset on the solstice he was made to leave.

Personality: Asarith travels light, taking only what he needs. He tends not to carry rations, but rather eat what he finds along the way. He is not picky, happy with berries and nuts; small game, insects, or large game if necessary. He hunts with the help of Mouse and Bear they act as a pack. Mouse has excellent eyesight and is able to locate prey, Bear is an excellent heard animal and is able to lure prey toward Asarith to dispatch with ease. They are rarely hungry. The three are just as happy to camp on the ground as to find shelter in the nook of tree or its branches.

Asarith is young and naïve in the ways of humans; he is more comfortable with animals than with people. He shares many misgivings of humans as learned from his elvin family. When he speaks, he always speaks truthfully. This can be a detriment. He is also very charitable, he is likely to give his food and go hungry until the next meal to ensure that others eat first. He is highly protective of Mouse and Bear, as are they of him. Although he is not quick to anger and not quick to fight, he would kill to defend his pack. As they would kill to protect him. He would become nearly berserk if Mouse or Bear were attacked or harmed in any way.

Appearance: Male; Age: 15; Height: 5' 3"; Weight: 101 lb.; Eyes: heterochromia iridum (Left Blue, Right Brown); Hair: Silvery white

Asarith was created, designed and played by Doug Zeitlin.

© Copyright 2020, 2024 - Douglas S. Zeitlin

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